1. Yeah Man that’s one video I’d love to see someone rolling those 2 going at it. Come on Charles (hype) let’s get it on with these 2

    1. Yep, def keep an eye out on this one. Im actually a huge fan of throw-bot, because its a consistent approach to ball motion measurement. Can’t wait for Keanu Revs!

    1. I drilled one up and threw it in league tonight. I am very impressed by this ball. It is much stronger and smoother than I expected given how Radical has described it. It’s not the crazy angular ball they say it is, but it is an absolute monster. I managed to shoot 709 with it even though I wasn’t throwing it the best. Awesome ball.

    2. @Bowlers Rant roughly 400 rpm and 16-17 mph. I apologize for not knowing the numbers but I have the pin in my middle finger (I’m right handed) and MB directly below the thumb hole.

  1. Cool tech bowling bowling ball katana assault with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time Chris beans

  2. Ball looks great! Similar colors to the Strata Hybrid (BEAUTIFUL!) …and the Bigfoot Hybrid was the first RBT to use HK22.

    I’ll put the Angular PAL layout 4.5x6x3 (dual angle translates to 80×4.5×23).

  3. I had the katana ball about 5 years ago it was a good ball, now this one has the flip puck on it description says so, on the blue and black asymmetry one

  4. I am missing my first Katana ball. By the way, the Japanese word on the ball means “Sword”. Thank you very much for your outstanding effort and for great informative videos. 👍🏻 👏🏻🌹

  5. BEANS!!! Here you go again!!!
    Was first starting to get into performance balls with the original Katana…now this looks like it will be hooking IN THE BAG!!! Decisions…decisions…!!!

    1. Revenant has a symmetrical core, higher RG, and no flip block. Absolute has a hybrid cover, lower RG, and no flip block. I would expect the former to be longer with a smoother backend, and the latter to be earlier and stronger than the Katana Assault.

  6. Looking to add a pearl asym to my arsenal. Should I grab an Exotic Gem or Infinite Physix now or wait for the Katana Assault or Envision Pearl to come out?

    1. You have a ton of options and not all asym pearls are equal. 100% wait to see how this new ones stack up to existing offerings. Katana looks special to me

  7. What type of ball cleaner would you recommend for this katana? I recently bought powerhouse factory finish polish. But I haven’t used it yet on any balls particularly pearl ones.

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