Radical Informer Ball Review By Luis Napoles | FIRST Radical Ball Ive Ever Thrown!

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The Informer is the Strongest Asymmetrical Solid that the Radical line offers and its a good one! It features the Dynamacore outer core technology!

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10 Comments on “Radical Informer Ball Review By Luis Napoles | FIRST Radical Ball Ive Ever Thrown!”

  1. It appeared the more shots you got on it, the better it looked from deeper.

    Like the first couple shots washed out, but later it started making the turn way better..

  2. Hi

    What a six ball Arsenal for Dry – Dry to Medium – Medium Lanes would you make, without a Plastik Ball.

    And you can put there a Matte Ball, in polished, when you mean, he fits in the Arsenal.

    Your friend alex from germany

  3. Hey Lou! Nice review for the Informer. I understand your reasoning for the layout. It’s for versatility and good control.

    Put the Max Flip layout on it and it becomes a real monster.

    And if you like the Informer, the Zenith hybrid is like a locomotive through the oil and will eat it up!

    I just got mine off the truck, and when I combine it with the Damn Good Verge, that’ll be a 1-2 punch that’ll blow your mind!

    1. Being you’re a free agent.. can you throw similar balls to see reaction comparisons at the same time. Like maybe compare this to a proton phisix, zen master, solid asyms..

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