Radical Double cross | Full review with commentary

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23 Comments on “Radical Double cross | Full review with commentary”

  1. Phil himself said the difference on the cover is the hardness. Brunswick allowed him to use the formula but he had to tweak it due to new hard ess requirements

  2. Ok. I drilled the DC on Saturday morning and used it all weekend. Punched it out at 70 x 3 1/2 x 20 and it has MONSTER hook to it. Very clean up front, starts picking up great on the mids, and eats up the friction. Personally, I have to start deep and slowly migrate to the left because it’s so strong. In fact, those that were using the Purple Hammer 🔨 liked what they saw from DC much more. WOW! That’s Radical!

    1. Yeah but probably not as good as anything else. Its still urethane and if you don’t have alot of revs it’ll have even less hook. Might as well go reactive and let the ball help you

  3. I bought my UC3 from Lee had him drilled it out and it’s awesome and still have my purple hammer of course.the UC3 I have it drill out at 4.1/2x 3.1/2x 2.1/2 plus having a full asymmetrical core helps move the ball more and digs more than the hammer or XX, . Good video JR

  4. Literally the differences are the cores. The RGs are completely different. The double cross has the purple hammer cover tweaked to have a hardness rating of 73 so that it will still be able to be produced after the new USBC rules on hardness goes in to effect on August 1, 2022. The current purple hammer is at a 72 hardness. The purple also has a last sanding step of 2k vs 1k for the double cross. Much earlier revving and a more friction surface.

  5. Best urethane ball that all the pba bowlers r throwing on tv is the rubicon roto grip! that ball hooks from anywhere u should do a review on it

  6. I really appreciate when you use other balls to compare whatever ball you’re reviewing to.
    Drives me crazy when people review a ball but we don’t have anything to really compare it to.
    Renders the review almost pointless to me at that point. Thanks for the time you take with all
    of your reviews Senor Raymond! I pretty much watch all of your content as soon as you post it.
    I’m thinking about getting the Pink Hammer, this Double Cross, or a UC3 but I haven’t yet made
    up my mind on which one will be best for my average/lower rev rate. I own a Purple Hammer
    already. Should I skip out on considering any of those balls since I already have a Pitch Black
    and a Purple Hammer?

  7. Excellent review as usual! Thank you JR. Oh, please turn off Auto Focus.
    Phil Cardinal confirmed that indeed The Double Cross uses a modified Purple Hammer coverstock, but it is slightly harder than the Purple Hammer so as to meet the new rule requirements on ball hardness. The Double Cross also uses the Magnitude .035 core used in the True Motion urethane and it has the DynamiCore filler to increase hitting power.

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