Radical Cores – Technical Overview – #RadicalRundown

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We're back with the #RadicalRundown!

In this episode, Brunswick Core Engineer Bryan Buckosh will talk about the Conspiracy Scheme core and how it differs from the Incognito/Informer/Bigfoot series in design and performance.

As always, if you have questions or comments, leave them below!

#WOWThatsRadical #ConspiracyScheme

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10 Comments on “Radical Cores – Technical Overview – #RadicalRundown”

  1. How would using only finger holes affect the numbers/ball reaction/you know what I mean ? Thank you very informative and easy to understand with the visuals and precise numbers

  2. Can you saw a bunch of Bigfoots in half along the axis that runs from the pin to the CG (like Packy did with the Ebonite Game Breaker Asym)? I trust you that that moment arm will always be right there in line with the CG but I want to see it in action too.

  3. When talking about the cores and drilling it would be nice to include no thumb bowlers in your explanation. Thank you for the info

  4. On the Bigfoot core drilling the thumb at 7:30 right of the Pin with Cg in center of grip and finger holes around 1:30 would this be the best pattern for a full roller or is the a better option to use giving the most continuous motion off the break?

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