Radical Bowling // THE SPY // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 06-17-2021

The Spy is a perfect fit in the Radical lineup!

We took the great performance from the Incognito core and wrapped it in a textured polyester cover, creating a ball that has the length desired from polyester with a little extra kick down lane.

The Spy features a medium RG 2.51 with a strong differential of .053 and a medium intermediate differential of .017. Wrapped in our great-looking textured polyester cover, The Spy is not only eye-catching but has the added performance to make it a sure winner.

The Spy is available 06.17.2021!

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7 Comments on “Radical Bowling // THE SPY // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 06-17-2021”

  1. I think I like the short pin layout, I’m pre ordering The Spy now. (Mostly bowl on dry lanes, seniors don’t need oil don’t you know.)

  2. Does the textured additive make this coverstock any more durable than a typical polyester spare ball?

  3. Curious if the Throw Bot ever misses his target like us real bowlers LOL? I would like to see the ball reaction when you miss 2 boards right and left to get a real sense of what the ball can do. I would love to see that

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