Radical Bowling | SNEAK ATTACK SOLID | ThroBot Ball Review

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The Sneak Attack line has been a very successful staple following the Rack Attack and Counter Attack. The EZ-Use performance is ideal on drier patterns or when less flare is needed.

The original Sneak Attack featured our MTH-1, Micro Tech Hybrid cover, and we are excited to add more performance to the Sneak Attack line with this new addition. Using the MTS-1 Solid cover, we have added more traction giving you more options in the EZ-Use category.

The core has an RG of 2.54 with a Differential of .036.

The Sneak Attack Solid is available starting 06.22.2023

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11 Comments on “Radical Bowling | SNEAK ATTACK SOLID | ThroBot Ball Review”

  1. Cool tech bowling bowling ball radical sneak attack soild bowling ball with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time radical Phil

  2. What made the rack attacks great is that they offered control , i got the sneak attack (hybrid) and was shocked, it hooked too much- so i plugged and redrilled- still hooked too much so i redrilled once more. The final step was placing it in my trash dumpster . So my first instinct when i saw this release was great should be a good ball for me, but then after seeing this video it’s clear that the goal was to make it even stronger than the hybrid. The trend in the industry is STONGER STRONGER STRONGER, cause more hook means more strikes right? WRONG . But what do i know? I don’t design bowling balls

    1. I’ve felt the same way for a while with all the brands… Hard to get excited for new balls when they all hook too much… As soon as I hear “Hook Monster” I check out

    2. I have both counter attacks (love em), and sneak attack (hybrid). The hybrid was an over/under mess, and seemed to get saturated with oil very quickly…only looked good once on a sport condition for me

  3. The Sneak Attack Hybrid is my favorite ball of all time. Sneak Attack Solid looks like a smoother ball that I could use in between my Trailblazer Solid and Incognito Pearl or Sneak Attack Hybrid

  4. Wow, Katy Carry had more boards crossed & hook power with this Sneak Attack Solid than with either the Katana Assault or Innovator!

  5. Crazy Wild — Mark Walledberg more boards crossed & hook power with a Sneak Attack Solid than Katana Assault, Innovator Solid, or Payback. Definitely have to look closer at this ball!

  6. Why can’t they add in the Counter attack so you can really see the difference between the ball it is replacing

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