Radical Bowling // RADICAL CONSPIRACY // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 03.21.2024

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The original Conspiracy is Radical’s most popular ball of all time!

The Radical Conspiracy has the look and feel of the original Conspiracy, but with the addition of the all-new HK22+ Solid cover, we have taken the Conspiracy motion to a different level. We have kept the core the same with an RG of 2.487, a differential of 0.056, and an intermediate differential of 0.021 and added the hard-hitting DynamiCore.

The Radical Conspiracy is available starting 03.21.2024!

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21 Comments on “Radical Bowling // RADICAL CONSPIRACY // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 03.21.2024”

  1. If it’s a black Radical ball you know it’s going to be good. they save the black color only for their absolute bangers.

  2. The OG was the best ball I’ve thrown in my 36 years of bowling. So glad to have this new iteration. Thank you!!!

  3. Hi – are the tracks in the diagram labelled correctly? Is blue track the pin up (thrown from deeper?)

  4. The ThrowBot is great, because you can cover a variety of bowlers. When I go out and look for reviews of a ball, it is nearly impossible to find a stroker like me. I also think you are the only channels that shows or talks about Diffs AFTER drilling. This ball could scare a lot of average everyday League guys, because the predrill numbers are fairly strong. But the pin down drilling for a big Asym can really make it a ball that is great for league…Keep it up Phil, love the content and knowledge to share!!

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