Radical Bowling // OUTER LIMITS PEARL // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 03.21.2024

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The Outer Limits provided a controlled yet very continuous motion at the backend of the lane and matches up best on medium to oily lane conditions.

By adding pearl to our already great HK22 resin, bowlers will see more skid through the front part of the lane and a much stronger and quicker change of direction at the breakpoint. The RG of 2.499, differential of 0.051, and a lower intermediate differential of 0.014 make the Outer Limits Pearl a versatile asymmetrical ball usable on a wide range of paterns.

The Outer Limits Pearl is available starting 03.21.2024!

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8 Comments on “Radical Bowling // OUTER LIMITS PEARL // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 03.21.2024”

  1. Perfect timing, I was just thinking I could use something Outer Limits/Theorem like but in pearl.

  2. Cool video talk tech bowling ball radical outer limits pearl bowling ball with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time

    1. Correct.

      There will be no difference in this and the original Outer Limits on a THS shot.

      Even on a pattern, you’ll be hard pressed to see a change. This is more of a color update to sell a few more balls.

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