Radical Bowling // INNOVATOR SOLID // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 03-23-2023

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The Innovator Solid uses the very aggressive Motion Magic Plus Solid cover to create a stronger and earlier motion. The Innovator Solid features the same core as the original Innovator, with an RG of 2.47, a differential of .053, and an intermediate differential of .012. The Innovator Solid will have a distinctive strong motion, handles heavier patterns, and perfectly complements the original Innovator.

The Innovator Solid is available starting 03.23.2023!

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18 Comments on “Radical Bowling // INNOVATOR SOLID // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 03-23-2023”

  1. What was the reasoning behind not using hk22 for this one?

    Also, how does this compare to the regular innovator with similar surface?

    1. MOtion Magic is crazy by itself. Strongest solid coverstock I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t need HK22, along with the fact that there isnt a Hk22 solid yet

    2. Try throwing a Trailblazer Solid. Should be pretty similar to the Innovator Solid. Crazy Asym with MOtion Magic. Also, with the Innovator being part of the Mo Pinel Heritage Series (Basically a series of balls to pay homage to Mo Pinel, the guy who directed Radical and worked on several ball companies before that, including AMF, Track, And Hammer (Mo designed the Famous 3D Offset Core and started the whole 3D offset series)

    3. @TurtleJeremy why would I throw a trailblazer when I’m asking about the comparison between the innovator solid and the innovator pearl with similar surface?

      Also, the heritage series is probably going to end after the innovator is dc’ed. Mo was an awesome guy, but most people have never heard of him

    4. ​@TurtleJeremy if I’m not mistaken, there is already an HK22 solid: the DV8 Brutal Collision. As much as I like the idea of this cover being dedicated to Mo, I think he would have wanted the HK22 on this one.

  2. This is beside the point, but….As someone with a lower rev rate, I can definitely say do not be afraid to use some of the weaker layouts on Radical equipment. For me, layout D is very controlled, versatile, and receptive to hand position changes. Layout A is strong but more condition specific for me. It can get too forward too quickly at times. Of course everyone is different, but I just wanted to give real world rebuttal to the myth that putting a weaker drilling on a strong ball will ruin it.

    1. I totally agree. I throw the ball 16-17 mph at around 350 rpm. I have my Katana Assault drilled very weak (long pin to PAP so very low flaring) and it still hooks a ton.

    2. @Andrew Weltlich We have the same speed and rev rate. For the longest time I fell into the trap thinking that I MUST use strong drillings. On a whim, I tried a short pin layout on a Conspiracy Theory and it turned out to be one of the best balls that I have ever thrown. I’ll never go anywhere without a short pin in my bag.

    3. @Kawboy65 I’ve been considering a short pin for a while now, maybe I need to just pull the trigger and do it. Conspiracy Theory is definitely an amazing ball. One of my favorites.

    4. @Andrew Weltlich Definitely give it a try. Works great when you want a control piece and/or keeping your angles in front of you.

  3. I have the original Innovator .. by FAR my favorite ball .. it is my “go to” ball almost all the time. Typically ends up being my 2nd ball in league at start of 2nd game and rest of the night.
    AWESOME ball !!!

  4. This is a great tribute to bring back the Awakening core from the MoRich Mania. Did you have to call it a different name due to licensing? Does not matter — it is good to see Awakening back in action.

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