Radical Bowling // DOUBLE CROSS // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 01-28-2022

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Introducing Radical's first true urethane release — Double Cross!

We're also showing every shot from the testing and explaining our adjustments along the way. This is so you can get a better understanding of what different style bowlers may encounter when using a urethane ball on a typical house shot with extremely dry outside boards and oily middles.

The Double Cross features a new core specifically designed to produce unprecedented urethane performance, with an RG of 2.53 and a total differential of .035. We use a derivative of the best urethane available, the one that has totally dominated the urethane market; we call it U73. This urethane formula is so good that I am convinced that we can bring the best urethane ball to the industry!

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10 Comments on “Radical Bowling // DOUBLE CROSS // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 01-28-2022”

  1. Easily the best version of this that I think you’ve made. Seeing the adjustments and how you had to get to the pocket with such early read is fantastic. Using throwbot as an education tool in this way might also be amazing to see other changes one might make other than just feet and target. As you mentioned, if it were possible to get an extra half MPH, would Philbot or Walledberg have still had a hard time getting to the pocket from straight? Food for thought for the MoMondays tradition.

    1. It’s sooner but overall about 3-5 boards stronger. You will see most of that in front of you vs a little more shape down lane of the purple.

  2. Great video. I loved the honestly and showing the bad shots and the movements.

    Every time I see a storm video it’s ‘new ball x has our new blah blah code and unobtaniun cover, so is our biggest whatever but is clean through the heads and strong in the back’. Three shows an edited video of strike after strike

    Yeah yeah

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