Radical Bowling // DEADLY RATTLER // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 10.19.2023

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The Deadly Rattler is a pearl version of the original Rattler but now features the new HK-22 (HyperKinetic22). This cover is setting a new standard by which all coverstocks are being measured.

With the addition of the HK22 cover, the Deadly Rattler offers a cleaner projection through the front part of the lane and a sharper continuous down-lane motion than the original Rattler. The Deadly Rattler uses the same core as the original Rattler with an RG of 2.48 and a differential of .035.

Combining the Rattler and the Deadly Rattler, you get a venomous one-
two punch!

The Deadly Rattler is available starting 10.19.2023.

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6 Comments on “Radical Bowling // DEADLY RATTLER // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 10.19.2023”

  1. Radical needs to learn how to color mix a ball. The picture looks 10/10, the ball itself looks like a 2/10. It looks so dark and grey. To think HK-22 was supposed to brighten colors.

    1. @Isaac Goodman Probably, but the ball in the picture looks cherry red and white. The actually ball looks blood red and grey.

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