Radical Bowling | CRYPTO BOOM | ThroBot Ball Review

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The Crypto Boom is a pearl version of the original Crypto and now features the new HyperKinetic22 (HK22). This cover is setting a new standard by which all coverstocks are being measured.

With the addition of the HK-22 cover, the Crypto Boom offers a complimentary ball motion to the original Crypto with a clean projection through the front part of the lane, and a sharper continuous
down-lane motion.

The Crypto Boom uses the same core as the original Crypto, with a RG of 2.48 and a Diff of .046.

The Crypto Boom is available starting 06.22.2023!

#WOWThatsRadical #CryptoBoom #HyperKinetic22

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14 Comments on “Radical Bowling | CRYPTO BOOM | ThroBot Ball Review”

  1. Cool tech bowling bowling ball radical crypto boom bowling ball with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time Phil radical

  2. combo comparison request … Crypto + Crypto Boom vs Sneak Attack Hybrid + Sneak Attack Solid … reasons for each combo?

  3. That camera angle doesnt really do the balls any justice. But I am guessing that using Throbot really doesnt allow for decent camera angles.

  4. Time to throw in a ball w/o the thumbhole. I Know Keanu and Cuba can really rev it but I would still prefer to see a thumbless ball thrown down the lanes.

  5. I really enjoy the ThroBot videos, however did notice that you have 3 players with same stats of 18mph/400 rpm. Being a speed dominant stroker, did not notice any of the ThroBot players with stats close. Could it be possible to have 2 of these players with differing stats, say 18mph/300 rpm & 17mph/250 rpm. Thank you for the videos.

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