Radical Bowling // BREAKAWAY // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 01.25.2024

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Radical is very excited to announce a new addition to the Reliable line-up, Breakaway!

The Breakaway is a symmetrical ball using the industry-leading HK22 solid cover. With an RG of 2.52 and a differential of .041, this combination of core dynamics and HK22 Solid, which is polished, yields a very definitive backend reaction.

Our goal was to create a symmetrical ball with a massive backend motion while increasing the hook window to be sure it has plenty of continuation. The Breakaway hits the Radical target of increasing backend motion and maintaining continuation through the pins.

The Breakaway is available starting 01.25.2024!

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9 Comments on “Radical Bowling // BREAKAWAY // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 01.25.2024”

  1. Is there a bowler in the lineup that is a higher rev lower speed representative? 450+ revs only 14-15mph, wimpy 2 hander?😅

    1. @brunsnick  ya at the pins, whatever the monitor. I’m in Colorado springs, no good pro shops here. I have to go north an hour to Denver to get my proper stats.

  2. The colors are OK and the name is meh but it looks like a great bowling ball, PLEASE please please keep ball shelf appeal in mind with lots of colors like the zigzag and the innovator 🙏🏼

  3. No way, it’s the core from the Payback! Heck yeah!! I wonder if there’s gonna be a pearl version of this ball 👀 (honestly it’s motion seems similar enough, maybe solid vs Pearl doesn’t matter here?)

  4. Q- is this ball better entry than my HK22 Verge. I have the hitter,Zig,Deadly Rat,katana assault,innovator pearl,Violent collision,purple hammer, I need something else preferably a strong med ball. For a strong 6 pk. Thank you Phil & Nick

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