Radical Bowling // BIGFOOT // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 03-25-2022

Our number one selling symmetrical ball was the Squatch. We have made significant changes to the Squatch technology; we reconfigured and reengineered the original Squatch core to produce a new and improved version called Bigfoot.

Our new Reliable price point launch Bigfoot improves the technology and success of the Squatch. The Bigfoot also has the hard-hitting DynamiCore, but we have reengineered the Squatch core concept to create a more dynamic version. The Bigfoot core features an RG of 2.47 and a total diff of .053. These numbers are similar to the Squatch, but the new core design has an altered mid-section of the core body to increase the continuation through the pins. The Bigfoot is by far the most continuous symmetrical ball Radical has ever launched.

The Bigfoot is available on 03-25-2022!

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