!Q Tour Solid is the GOAT! #shorts #bowling #subscribe

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19 Comments on “!Q Tour Solid is the GOAT! #shorts #bowling #subscribe”

  1. Picked up a new iq tour solid this week after the one I had since 2013 was stolen along with my car last year.

    This ball is perfectly smooth and controllable. I think it’s a good compliment to my phaze 2. Both are in my bag for both league play and tournaments.

    1. @Rayn I just got done bowling in two leagues today and my highest game was a 256. I used my iq tour solid for all of my first three games in the morning league and again for my afternoon league.

      I think I should have switched to the phaze 2 when the iq was coming up too high and missing the pocket but I just decided to move left. Highest game for the afternoon league was a 205.

    2. @negrogato707 I honestly can’t believe I didn’t get these balls sooner. I ended up getting the Phaze 2 about 8 months ago, absolutely hated it out of the box. Had to sand it up, polish it, then knock the shine off it. Then it was an animal, now I leave it lane shined.

      I got the IQ Tour about 2-3 months later. The ball is very situational for me. Depends on the condition for me. Usually when my Phaze 2 is doing what I expect I pull out the IQ.
      Same today in a tournament. Phaze 2 was all over the place on the fresh, so I busted out the IQ and it smashed the 8-9 on nearly every shot.

      Can’t say they’ve been around this long for nothing. Can’t seem to enjoy Hy-Roads though. Only good Hy-Road is the pearl, every other Hy-Road I’ve thrown just feel lazy and dead after a month.

    1. Honestly good to have both. I love my Phaze 2, but it just wasn’t cutting it today. Switched to the IQ Tour Solid and split the 8-9 on nearly every shot.

  2. I’m glad you have the Storm IQ Tour as the goat, like I said a few weeks ago spending twice as much $ on the Stlorm Sun Storm ball is not worth it. 🎳

    1. @Luis Napoles True, doesn’t mean it’s better, there both good bowling balls. The biggest difference is the price tag, Storm Sun Storm is going for around $ 300 to $ 350, where Storm IQ Tour is going for around $150 to $ 200. Storm Sun Storm ball is not worth it the high price point!

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