Purple Hammer Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Is All The Hype Real?!?

I FINALLY Got my hands on a Purple Hammer! Is the hype surrounding this ball real? I'll let you decide that!

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20 Comments on “Purple Hammer Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Is All The Hype Real?!?”

  1. Nice Video Luis! Should you do a video on how to get lined up in bowling! Can you do it in the next episode?

  2. If I want to see a Purple urethane balls comparison? To be honest it’s what I was expecting when I opened the vid

  3. Mr Lou……Awesome video sir!! Your energy and enthusiasm got me wanting a Purple “FREAKIN” Hammer!!!! LOL!! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Hi Lou, no matter what brand you roll I enjoy your videos and your enthusiasm for the game. Love the Purple Hammer reaction.

  5. I have the old purple hammer couple yrs old. and it is earlier then this one. drilled about the same. one of the main reasons other that you Lou the reason l got the desert tank so being lefty l could stay left and square up more. couldnt do it with the purple hammer still had to swing it when the lanes died

  6. when you do the versatility test. which foot are you putting on 15, 25, and 35. just asking a dumb question

  7. if you are going to compare urethane, why not compare all the purples. The purple tank the pitch purple and the purple hammer?

  8. I just bought a pitch black āš« and I’m not used to Urethane šŸ˜’. I only got 3 games on it, and I was ready to give up…

  9. If your urethane ball flares enough, don’t wipe it off. I personally don’t. You’re just taking away the oil in the heads when you do that

  10. My first ” real ” bowling ball was a Black Hammer bought in the early 80s , won lots of jackpots with that thing after establishing an average with the Ebonite Tornado .

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