Primal Shock | Ball Review

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The most sought after crossover in MOTIV® history is here with the introduction of the Primal™ Shock! Nick Pahr throws the new Primal Shock and compares it to the Venom Shock, Forge Ember, and Iron Forge! #MOTIVNATION

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18 Comments on “Primal Shock | Ball Review”

    1. Weaker cover and core than the Ghost, and not even on the same lane as a Nemesis. If you had the three together, this would be firmly in between those two.

  1. Coercion HFS and Turmoil MFS are the best covers I’ve thrown from any brand so far. Put any engine inside these and they just plain work!

    Would love to see lines like the Rogues or Villains return with some variation of either.

    1. @ACommentFromYouTube  Yea definitely man. I take my Purple and Blue to league all the time. With house shots and high revs, a ball that reads early and reacts slow is what you want. The Microcell on the tanks is great, but urethane (Purple) can work as well if your Blue just isn’t working.

  2. How’s this compared to the enzo? I loved the original primal scream. Wouldn’t this be a weaker cover than it?

    1. Can’t say anything for the scream as i never thrown it but i have 2 enzos. It will be less skid flip than the enzo and will handle the oil better and cover more boards due to its bigger block. And would imagine it would be earlier due to the difference in finish.

      Not the best with the technical talk… but i should be correct about this.

  3. Im so excited for this ball, i love the shock but i struggle to use it game 1 as it tends to not respond the way I’d like until the lanes break down. Hoping this ball can hold the fort til the shock is needed

  4. Cool tech bowling motiv primal shock bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  5. Will any two handed bowlers be used in ball reviews, as a two handed bowler I only use Motiv however it’s hard to go off a ball only seeing a traditional bowler do a ball review?

  6. Great review Nick! I was gong to pick up a Venom Shock and with the Primal Shock release going to go with it instead …. what a great addition to the Motiv lineup! Cannot wait to see the Dark Venom too.:)

  7. Would it EVER be possible to see stroker show-off a MOTIV balls? I simply can’t relate to the shots being shown here.

  8. Looks nice, but… the music. I absolutely am not on the right drugs. Hit the mute button so I could observe ball motion without having my brain try to shut down.

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