Pride Dynasty | Ball Motion Video

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The Pride™ line has come roaring back stronger and ready to take on even more oil than before. The Pride Dynasty from MOTIV® is a stronger, more controllable solid ball intended to serve as a benchmark in a modern bowling environment. With a massive cover upgrade and a unique asymmetric core, the Pride Dynasty is not just ready to take on any conditions; it’s here to conquer them!

In this video, Nick Pahr compares two different layouts on the Pride Dynasty. He also shows how the Pride Dynasty compares and contrasts to the Black Venom and original Pride. #motivnation

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7 Comments on “Pride Dynasty | Ball Motion Video”

  1. I know layouts are primarily a personal thing, but I’m curious how come Nick chose to go with such a long pin-to-pap for his tester layouts. I honestly can’t even think of a single bowling friend or acquaintance that ever uses anything over 5″, and the difference between 4″ and 5″ is pretty huge. Is there a reason beyond just, “That’s what Nick likes” that you guys went with such long pin distances?

    1. Nick drills it this way because he has a higher track, lower ball speed and higher rev rate so he needs a longer pin to pap (weaker drill) to help create enough length. So he can see the right window, see the midlane well and still store enough energy down lane.

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