25 Comments on “Practice Livestream! Working On Timing & Tempo!”

  1. Rochester ny here, i have a question today,i bowl in 4 leagues i mostly start with the reality and it only last about 1 game. game 2 has been really bad 3rd game i go to the IQ and im fine.any suggestions for game 2

    1. I’ll give it a shot. Watched you league arsenal video today from a couple years ago and I have all 3 of those balls.

  2. Issue I see is you muscle your swing. You start with the ball swinging your arm but as it gets to the top; you hesitate for a second which gets your feet ahead of your arm. Let the ball swing your arm instead of your arm swinging the ball.

    1. i like 5 step more tho. just keep the elbow in. on the way down you are opening it up instead of getting under/inside the ball.

  3. I’ve been mooching a YT premium account for years. It really is the best! I haven’t seen a commercial in so long.

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