40 Comments on “Practice Livestream! Trying New Balls!”

  1. Better posture at the line by trying to keep shoulders behind lead knee can make “staying behind the ball longer”, much easier. Nice practice round, missed the livestream

  2. Increased diff does not add more flare lines. Flare lines are literally your revs. Increased diff increases the spacing between the flare rings.

  3. Cool video talk tech bowling Livestream open bowling using bowling what company bowling were you using when you practice open bowling luis

  4. I hit my exotic gem with Reacta scuff, then my Pro shop guy dogged me out, telling me I should have left it shiny, so I hit it with Storm step 2, now
    It’s just too clean, pops off the end hard, but I got to slow it down.

  5. We can so identify with what you’re going through here my friend, it’s an awesome video because of it. ❤❤

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