12 Comments on “Practice livestream! Throwing the new balls!”

  1. Cool tech bowling open bowling luis how did you bowl your series for all 3 bowling games and what was your scores

  2. If you’re looking for comparisons that need to be done, that fit a shorter format, may I suggest a Phaze 2 vs Zen video? For those newer bowlers, or people who want to try SPI for the first time, these are 2 Goat balls that are the definition of benchmark, and yet there are zero videos to point them to, to help them make a choice between the 2. As the 2 balls that by many are considered the top choices for the entire umbrella, there’s a void of side by side data for these massive staples in the Storm catalog.

  3. I think the TNT vs the Helios makes the most sense. My Helios rolls like a majority of the reviewers TNT does.

  4. Richard Teece threw the Eternity on the 49 ft pattern at the U.S open. Leads clearly . Looks a great ball to my eye.

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