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  1. OK flaws #2and #3 the shorts are great looks at what I’m about to point out Flaw#2 is your alignment at foul line when you deliver the ball if you look at ( When you need it to hook) your slide foot, hips and shoulders are all pointing 2-3 lanes right of your ( Down lane target) and in Short ( Dead Flush) your are more square to the down lane target also look at your arm position in both shorts in ( When you need it to hook)its going to the right of your target line and in ( Dead Flush) it’s more down the target line. To be at your best and most consistent you need to sync up your body and arm swing to your down lane target. Flaw #3 at delivery you are to bent over at the foul line your chest and head should ( Never ) get ahead of your head, your friend ( The Lefty) has this position down, also you need more separation from your slide leg and back leg and KEEP IT DOWN . You will need to video yourself( From the Side View) to see what I mean. Sounds like a lot but all can be fixed by doing the 1 step drill with and without the ball. Make sure when doing this drill you are videoing yourself to make sure you are making the corrections and doing the DRILL CORRECTLY it should be done at 50% with and without the ball, then when you get the feeling do your 4 step without the ball then with the ball ( Both should be done at a speed without losing your balance). During your practice I would like for you to do a minimum of 50 of each the 1 step with and without the ball and 50 each of your 4 step with and without the ball. Hint you can also do a lot of the drills without the ball at home. Please send me a video of your progress you have my email already.

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