11 Comments on “Practice livestream 12/8/21 Taping fingers for first time. Turbo Big Red”

  1. I use the VISE tape SILVER. Doesn’t even feel like the tape is there bro, AND it’s super stretchy. It’s the one Kris Prather uses 👊🏾

  2. Try the Vise bio skin tape (blue/silver). Kris Prather has a YouTube video (the house) on how he tapes his fingers, which is a good one to watch. I tape my fingers when needed. If you have to use Turbo tape then you can tape your fingers the same way Prather demonstrated in his video.

  3. I had this same problem when I was bowling for my high school team. I never used tape on my fingers, because whenever it decides to ride up on you. It’s done. What I did was, I changed my grip. I changed, to putting my thumb in first. Only having the pads of my fingers in the grip or just a bit more. So just about that first Knuckle. Also the biggest factor was upping the size of my finger grips. It removes all that friction to the sides of your fingers. The only tape I use is on the back of my thumb. Doing this actually gave me better control of the ball in my back swing, and allows you to get out of the ball super clean.

  4. Just curious and I’m sure you have been asked this question a thousand times but has your average gone up or down since leaving motiv ? I used to have all storm then switched to hammer and my average went up 10 pins. I now use all motiv to be honest my average dropped a little when I went to motiv until I got used to the way there balls roll. I also have noticed that motiv balls last longer. The other brands seem to die off to quickly. What are your thoughts on that ?

    1. Buy average is down a couple pins but not because of the balls for sure. Last season I missed 5 ten pins ALL SEASON this year I’ve had a week where I missed 5 in one night. With more videos coming out I have less time to practice which makes my game really suffer

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