19 Comments on “Practice Livestream 11/9/22 Lets Get To Work!”

    1. That’s the old-school way. Nowadays, it’s preferred to drop the swinging shoulder a little to create a straighter swing plane.

  1. You are right about looking closer sometimes or further (longer) on other shots. When I look further beyond the arrows it helps me to keep my elbow inside and hit my target down the lane. Also you should know that your spare shooting video was spot on in helping me increase my spare shooting up to 66%. You Rock Luis!!

  2. I like these practice videos, Luis. I put in 5 games of practice myself today; most of it with the Phaze 5 and working on timing. It’s tough to find the time to practice when you have a day job and Bowlero full-house leagues like 4 nights each week.

  3. Hi do u wipe your each shot with abralon sanding pad? Is it better than cloth wipe? N which grit?500?thanks

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