Plastic, anyone? #teamlsr #lanesidereviews #bowling #2hands #twohands #twohandedbowling #plastic

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Sometimes you just have to play what the lanes give you.

When they give you Friction, USE IT.

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14 Comments on “Plastic, anyone? #teamlsr #lanesidereviews #bowling #2hands #twohands #twohandedbowling #plastic”

  1. I use my radical the spy plastic 14 pound bowling ball with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

    1. Can’t go wrong with a spy. It goes to every place I’ve never been to before. Just in case.

    2. @Ten Back Bowling Ball Restorations & Reviews I only use the radical the spy on dry lanes open bowling or in league when my team the only one bowling I use my radical the spy

    3. @scotty thompson when I have never bowled in a center I always bring it with. You just never know what your bowling on. I’ve been fooled by above ground ball returns, walls up against lane 1 where you can’t slide. I always need that option to be able to stay right.

  2. Some of who’ve been around the block a few times remember the “short oil” era when we had to throw plastic because at times nothing else would skid past the arrows. Only real men can carry with plastic. 🎳😁

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