Phaze V | 6 Ways

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All shots performed on a 42' house pattern.

Find out more about the Phaze V here:

Coverstock: R2S Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Velocity Core
Finish: Reacta Gloss
Color: Arctic/Sapphire/Slate
Fragrance: Blueberry Crumble

✔️0:00 Gio
✔️0:31 Chayton
✔️0:57 Steve
✔️1:21 Alex
✔️1:47 Chad
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36 Comments on “Phaze V | 6 Ways”

    1. @Arda Akel It’s the same core and cover stock. Same RG and Diff. What’s all new? It’s a Phaze 4 in a new color and polish? Not a bad thing. I like the Phaze 4, but outside of the color and polish it’s the same. Storm invested a lot of time and money into the Phaze 4 so I would have done the same thing.

    2. @Chesties I mean, using the same core that’s been in every Phaze and the R2S Pearl that’s been around for years counts as “investing a lot of time and money” into something?

      Not knocking their choices, but this ball is the definition of recycled content.

  1. That moment when Darren tang threw this in league before it was approved for either staff videos or competition use… trying to get this one banned by USBC too LOL

    1. @Indeepthoughtmusic yes it was available to him early. What we are saying is that he threw the ball in league and made it into a video before USBC approved the ball. Storm gave him permission to publish the video even though it wasn’t the right time yet as videos can go live on the 30th I believe. Hopefully he’s not in trouble with the league president.

  2. Ball prices have jumped dramatically. I have 5 or 6 pretty good ones now. I was buying about two new ones each year. I won’t be buying any new balls for a few years. But it is fun watching the videos.

    1. Thanks for letting us know. We were all curious if you’d be buying balls twice a year in the future as you have in the past. Thanks for the clarifying that up with all of us.

  3. For anyone that thinks because it has the same specs as the 4 that it will be exactly the same, that’s false. Color makes a difference as well, so it will be close, but not exact. Also, pour date, batches, many variables. So far, it appears this is actually slightly different than the 4, maybe better from feedback I’m seeing online.

  4. You guys are DEFINITELY not running a 2r 2l reverse load(s) on this pattern that ball would hang running that far out on most of the “ths” I’ve ever bowled on with synthetics, not a chance no matter the rev rate. That being said I’ve pushed a ton of storm products this year and will continue if they keep making quality balls as they have been. So keep up the good work storm

  5. Loving my phase 4. Not sure if I need this one as D. Tang said “it’s only banned in like 4 tournaments so just throw it” but I do get a little antsy at wanting to try something new.

  6. I am VERY stoked for this one. I need a replacement for my well used phase 4. Wish you could have done a prettier pour on it tho. Would have loved to see some gold poured in there

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