Phaze 4 | 6 Ways

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✔️0:00 Chris Via
✔️0:33 Tom Hess
✔️1:11 Chad McLean
✔️1:43 Chayton Petersen
✔️2:10 Steve Kloempken
✔️2:45 Kendle Miles - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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27 Comments on “Phaze 4 | 6 Ways”

  1. I’ve loved every R2S pearl ball i’ve ever thrown and I love the phaze 2. Just take my money already!!!

  2. Please do a comparison video to the other Phase balls… I’m thinking about getting one and not sure which to get

    1. The only difference is the cover – it’s the same core in all of them.

      Phaze 2 is going to be the earliest and strongest. Phaze 4 will be easier down the lane with more angle. Phaze 3 is somewhere between the two.

    1. I have the trend 2 it’s good for drier patters where you can hook the whole lane but phase 4 looks more consistent

  3. many of those 5″ pin-to-pap shots were either 9 pin (over) or weak swisher (under) strikes. the 4″ pin-to-pap shots looked much better. no matter who was throwing it. Jury still out for me….

  4. When i saw this, i miss my iq tour fusion… maybe this is the ball i’ve been waiting for #storm #stormthebest

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