Phaze 2 Is THAT Ball! #shorts #bowling #subscribe

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Phaze 2 is just to good!

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21 Comments on “Phaze 2 Is THAT Ball! #shorts #bowling #subscribe”

  1. What’s the best phaze in your opinion? I bought the Phaze 4 like 5 months ago and I’ve been good and bad with it, not my ideal ball for bowling, more asymmetrical guy, but I’ve shot a Phaze 3 before and it’s way better than the Phaze 4, not sure if it’s the weight, coverstock, or the way it’s drilled, but there’s way better balls than the Phaze 4

  2. I honestly try with other balls but no matter the shot I end up in the p2. Again I got one because of your vids. It matches my game so will it’s crazy.

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