7 Comments on “Perception vs. Reality Podcast | Episode 8”

  1. GREAT SHOW Phil and Nick. Johnny P is one of my bowling idols growing up. I could listen to him and Phil tell stories all day long. Thank you guys.

  2. I’ll disagree that Bowlero is good for the industry…especially bowling ball industry. They’re kicking leagues and tournaments out in favor of cosmic bowling etc. In a decade or so, league bowling is next to nothing. Who is going to buy performance bowling balls? Leagues are dying, tournaments have no where to go. I think Bowlero will be the death of competitive bowling and then so go the ball companies. Sorry, but I think that’s where it’s headed. Most people I know now hate bowling in their centers. They’re dirty, the machines break down, the staff doesn’t care. How is it good?

    1. @BrunsNick they own the vast majority of the centers in the Phoenix AZ metropolitan area.

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