Perception vs. Reality Podcast | Episode 6

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How to get on staff! HyperKinetic22 Technology! And what has contributed MORE to higher scores over the last 40 years, bowling ball technology or softer lane conditions? TUNE IN!

0:00 Intro
3:23 How To Get On Staff
31:17 HyperKinetic22 Technology
58:43 High Score – Balls or Easy Lanes?

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16 Comments on “Perception vs. Reality Podcast | Episode 6”

  1. I’m using a Wood Bros. Kool Cat persimmon driver from the early ’90’s! I still use and absolutely love my Bonu$ pearl. My highest series ever was back in the 80’s on that old short oil pattern and my ball I used was the Ebonite Firebolt SO great ball. Great show Phil, Nick. Thanks

  2. Phil…now that you have HK22, will you be redoing the Intel solid? That has been one of my all time favorites.

    Sidenote…the biggest problem I have with Brunswick balls was they hooked earlier then S balls. But when patterns broke down or were low volume, I could never find a ball to be cleaner through the fronts before they hooked.

  3. I love Radical products…right now I’m throwing the Rattler…EVERYWHERE!!!! I’m taking 3 plus a spare ball everywhere…but the Rattler is the only one that comes out of the bag from those 3.

  4. Bowlero is causing a decline in sanctioned bowling now. They’re kicking out leagues all over the place.

  5. Hey, not being picky, just looking to help improve the podcast. Put the times of each topic in main section. Keep up the great work! Love this podcast!

  6. Radical is one of the few companies I’d actually want to be on staff with. Radical and hammer has been the best fit for my game

  7. Phil the biggest reason I would want to be on staff is to promote the sport. I dont ask for free anything.I have coached high school for 12 years and typically buy all of my kids balls myself to ensure they can compete. I myself have threw morich exclusively for years. I just drilled a hammer envy tour and look forward to throwing it. 29:21

  8. Phil with the comment of the decade. When most people come into the pro shop and ask what do I need? “Lessons.”

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