Perception vs. Reality Podcast | Episode 5

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TOPOGRAPHY! That's the main topic! We're going to discuss the differences in topography at the National Bowling Stadium so you can better understand and prepare yourself for the USBC Open Championship!

0:00 Intro
3:40 Lane Topography in Reno
33:30 PBA World Series of Bowling
40:40 Light Weight Cores – Dynamics
50:12 Open Q&A
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7 Comments on “Perception vs. Reality Podcast | Episode 5”

  1. Got back into bowling in Jan after taking a break for 10 years.

    You guys have been a blessing the past five weeks in relearning the science behind the sport.

    Thanks, dudes.

  2. I have a pair of Linds from 1984 and those babies never stick. Their still in great shape too. I just can’t part with them.

  3. “if the numbers aren’t the same, it’s not the same core”

    So what weight does B7 design their cores for and (assuming it’s 15) should we be ignoring the 14 and 16lb variants, since they aren’t the same core?

    1. The physical core in 14-16 is the same (unless it’s a thick shell ball like Purple Hammer), but the outer core densities have to change to meet target ball weight. Ideally, the total diff and intermediate should about the same. Usually, you’ll see a little less diff in 16lb because the denser outer raises the RG and lowers the diff on most every ball.

      My comment was in regards to the marketing behind other companies saying it’s the same core in all weights, which is not possible. If their 15# has an .058 diff and the 12lb has a .029, then it’s not even in the same spectrum of performance. The shape might be the same, but it not longer has the same dynamic effect.

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