Perception vs. Reality Podcast | Episode 14

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We're back from bowling the USBC Open Championship and we have a lot to talk about from our trip to Reno! We'll also talk about the new launches from Columbia 300, Ebonite and Hammer! Tune in at 3PM EST Wednesday!

0:00 Intro
3:58 Our Reno Experience
39:10 New Ball Launches – Dark Web Hybrid, Radioactive Vibe, Atlas, Cuda Pearl, Emerge
50:50 Open Q&A

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8 Comments on “Perception vs. Reality Podcast | Episode 14”

    1. The 1st set of tracers are 34 to 37 ft. The 2nd set of tracers are 41 to 44 ft. D/S the pattern stopped like 6 inches past the 1st set of tracers. Team I figured the pattern was 43 ft.

  1. Lefty here, so take it for what it’s worth. In D/S I warmed up with the Double XX. I started with a 211. When they changed in game 2 I made the wrong move and had a woeful game. From there I started moving in more and finished pretty good. By the end, I was throwing the Double XX on my preferred house shot line, just with urethane.

  2. Not walking will cause cardiovasular complications eventually. You. Eed to exercise your lungs and heart or you get atrophy

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