PERCEPTION vs. REALITY 7 – Radical vs. Motiv 2021

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Were you expecting your usual #MoMonday video?
We're shaking things up a bit on this fine Monday…

It's time for another round of Perception vs. Reality!

This time around, we test our Bonus Pearl, Incognito Pearl and Incognito against the Motiv Fatal Venom, Jackal Flash and Jackal Legacy.

With the use of ThroBot and Specto advanced ball tracking system, we are able to give an unbiased market comparison for today's high performance bowling balls.

Here are the results!

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33 Comments on “PERCEPTION vs. REALITY 7 – Radical vs. Motiv 2021”

  1. I love the comparisons, but would also appreciate if the reverse test was applied (line up with the competitor’s ball then throw your own). The Incognito Pearl vs. Jackal Flash comparison seemed particularly glaring on this one, in that the Flash was obviously a MUCH cleaner cover despite both being advertised as High Performance Pearl Asyms, almost so much so that both could reasonably find their way into someone’s bag if they needed different shapes.

    1. We’ve done the tests the same for 7 years. Our performance class vs theirs from multiple brands.

    2. @RadicalBowling That’s not the point. Line up to get the ball going through the pins nicely with the competitors ball first and I guarantee yours doesn’t strike.

  2. Wonder what the results would be if motiv was in control of the tests and chose the balls. Exactly the opposite probably lol

    1. We’ve been waiting patiently for almost 7 years for them to get their own ThroBot and make a video.

    2. Why don’t you set it up? Everybody wants to criticize…but don’t even have a dog in the race.

  3. How about putting the compared balls at the same surface prep….of course the fatal and flash will skid much further than the radical ball when they are factory finish much higher than the radical balls

  4. Motiv equipment is VERY continuous…. When lined up… Just because a ball is in the same performance category doesn’t mean it will literally perform the same…

    The perception here is that radical is the only company making a ball that continues through the pins… The reality is that ANY ball can continue through the pins… When lined up…

    Literally any bowler leaving pocket 10’s, or not making it to the pocket will adjust…

    1. “Just because a ball is in the same performance category doesn’t mean it will literally perform the same…” Absolutely correct, they should reconsider their performance categories because they don’t seem to measure up in this test.

    2. @RadicalBowling This from the company that uses Joey Pants for their most recent ball review video. A guy who openly bashes two-handed bowlers. Might want to remember that the majority of the youth bowlers these days and a growing percentage of adult bowlers are two-handers and alienating them using a buffoon like Joey Pants isn’t the greatest technique for selling balls. Someone should probably hire an actual marketing person.

  5. You guys should do this test with one of the lineups developed by none other than your boy Brian and tell me that a ball made to do something different is worse.

  6. Yikes. Why even make more than one ball if it is the best? Different conditions. Could line up on Motiv and then see how bad the Radical looks. Motiv has better logos and made in USA.

    1. @Final I’m embarrassed for you guys. I throw motiv carried a 215 average through my first year of high school

  7. Well I’m not a robot. But I did used to throw radical, but I just bought three motive balls… The Jackal Flash, the Fatal Venom, and the forge flare. The Fatal Venom and the Jackal flash or two of the best balls I’ve ever thrown I don’t know that they would actually show the strikes by motive when they’re clearly a radical company. I mean could it be more of a favorable comparison on a radical Channel

  8. Did you know that Chick fil a chicken nuggets with Polynesian sauce is better than McDonald’s chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce? It’s just an unbiased and scientific fact.

  9. Man look at the incognito and incognito pearl sure are good balls might be the reason I have 3 incognito and a pearl . But sure would be nice Phil if there was a hybrid coming this August??? 😂

  10. Some of y’all commenting act like Radical just started doing this!!!They been doing this for years…where y’all been at?

  11. Absolutely embarrassing marketing here. Rarely, if ever, do I see any of the US brands actually naming and calling out their competitors in promotional material, instead choosing to let their product do the talking on its own.

  12. Here’s the thing. If you’re going to take your heavy hitters, throw it against there’s. Go against the Jackal Ghost, the Venom Shock

  13. For all 3 of the radical balls to have a higher RG with the same drilling as the Motiv balls and the differentials being lower than the Motiv balls, the Motiv balls would be expected to hook a lot more. This really does either show motivs numbers are simply off or motivs stuff simply just doesn’t hook. And if it doesn’t create enough angle (which you saw in the video) you’ll see a lot of 10 pins. Not sure why everyone would be upset, either to afraid to admit radical is making better equipment or they are trying to find another reason to hate on radical.

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