Pearl DOESN’T Mean What You Think It Means | Coverstock Designators Part 1 of 3

This is arguably one of the most important videos I have EVER made! We are going over the Coverstock designators! Today we will be talking about Pearls and how they aren't ALWAYS skid snap! I know this should be common knowledge but I assure you it just isn't! The next episodes will be on solids and hybrids!

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20 Comments on “Pearl DOESN’T Mean What You Think It Means | Coverstock Designators Part 1 of 3”

    1. Sure no problem at all!! Send me some balls from other brands and I will gladly add them to my videos LOL When I was with Motiv I had the same comments about stuff other than motiv balls now I am choosing to throw Storm because its what I like to throw and its still not enough lol Just let me be happy dam it lol

    2. @Luis Napoles I understand you’re a free agent and good for you. But you fawn all over the spi balls more than you did over the Motiv equipment. It’s like going past free agency to becoming a fan boy. No disrespect intended.. but if you’re trying to get on spi staff I wish you good luck.

    3. @Kelly McManaway so before I ever signed with Motiv all I threw was the SPI brand. Just going back to my roots. Definitely not trying to get of staff with anyone. I like being able to throw whatever I want and say whatever I want. It’s funny though cause when I post 8 videos in a row about the B7 brands nothing was said. It just feels like if I’m not throwing the brand that someone wants then I’m a fan boy lol I’m definitely not trying to be or not trying to be disrespectful in ANY WAY. After all none of this is possible without the viewers. I LOVE bowling more than anything and I really like throwing the SPI brand balls. I hope you have a great rest of your Sunday Kelly

    4. @Kelly McManaway look I’ll keep it 💯 with you. If I was rich or if this channel was making me a ton of money I would love LOVE LOVE to review all brands but since I have to pay or trade for everything I have I’m not gonna review a ball from a company that I don’t want to spend my money on. Now if Motiv or b7 or Storm or whoever wanna send me stuff to review I would gladly do that

    1. Yes. In the video I explained why. I wanted to shoot this series within all one brand of balls so I didnt get the comments that say ” well this brand is smoother than this brand” So yes they will all be SPI brand balls but thats not the point of the video. The video is about education. NOT about the actual balls

    2. @Kelly McManaway when I resigned from Motiv I got rid of every single ball blanks included. The only ones I have left are a drilled Purple Tank and an undrilled overseas Raptor Supreme

  1. i know exactly what you’re talking about.. i have an Hy Road Gold Pearl (Oversea Ball with R2X Cover) and an Hy Road 300 (Oversea Hy Road Pearl)
    These two balls are so different just because of the cover formulars, R2S and R2X.. The gold Pearl is soo much smoother and easier to controll than the normal Hy Road Pearl.. Could be also layout related a little bit but the Gold Pearl just reads sooner and smoother which i find more useful than that typical Skid/Snap from the traditional pearl balls.

    Thinking of maybe getting a Dark Code for Christmas because its basicaly a stronger Hy Road Gold Pearl (With the ReX Cover which should be similar to R2X but a fair amount stronger). 😉
    Anyway great Video of showing these different ball reactions. 😉

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