21 Comments on “PBA Jackson Classic – Qualifier Recap”

    1. the final round is just wrapping up now! Looks like EJ will be the #2 seed for the show. The stepladder finals are tonight at 6:30 pm on BowlTV

  1. More of these video updates please. With fewer tournaments on TV these videos are good to have. Good luck team MOTIV.

    1. @adrien mateo it’s $10 a month for a year’s subscription, $13 for a months subscription. Most people already pay for tv, myself I use an antenna

    2. I look forward to these videos, as another person has said when their is no tournaments it’s great to see this format

  2. EJ is the man!!!! So happy to see him doing well. I got back in bowling again almost a year ago. Tried some SPI balls and was doing ok, then I got the Venom shock and that ball was so good now 90% of my arsenal is motive.

  3. For Christmas my son who has Down Syndrome got me the Pride solid because of the picture of the Lions head on the side (he calls me Mufasa from the Lion King). So needless to say I love this ball and on the left side it just gets down lane and turns right and BANG! Nick Pahr gave me a recommended layout of 35 x 4 ¼ x 35 through emails and bingo! Crushing the pins.. But what I really wanted to say was that I am now a member of Motiv Nation for life! Thank you.

  4. There is something more important then winning & losing, it’s Sportsmanship. Tom Smallwood is one greatest when it comes to Sportsmanship in bowling 🎳🎳

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