Breaking updates on PBA public statement on USBC 6 banned balls from national tour events ALLOWED for PBA competition in 2022 season!


  1. Many of our local leagues have already gone away from USBC sanctioning and just go on their own. This trend may accelerate. Not much sanity left in today’s world. All testing should be done in the open with EVERYONE in on the process.

    1. I avoid the local hack/beer leagues (non-sanctioned) to keep an established average for official tournament purposes. The governing body for competitive bowling is not going away.

    2. 414 Bowler with 4000 balls……….it’s a bowling alley not a convention center. You really think they can accommodate all that.

  2. The USBC’s lack of transparency is disturbing to say the least. Where’s the data?! When you make a big ruling like this provide data that has teeth. Someone made the final call in the USBC. Someone needs to own this and take accountability. This feels very sketchy.

  3. So you’re saying that if I buy one of these banned bowling balls I can use it on ALL of my public leagues?? 🤔

    1. @Remo Evans I mean yea none of my three leagues said anything I got told about the bowling ball ban Tuesday right after that league so I guess I will have to wait till Saturday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night and see if they say anything about it. And yea I obviously won’t buy one of these balls now especially with 2-3 weeks left. I just need a new ball for heavily oiled lanes bc my purple hammer isn’t doing so good 😂

  4. Making this change DURING a tournament is questionable, at best. Belmo claims they wouldn’t even let him observe the testing he was required to submit to. Maybe it’s just me, but my equipment isn’t leaving my sight, or that of someone I trust. It almost feels like the USBC is setting up an opportunity to ban ‘thane, to me.

    1. @Remo Evans yeah… I really need to pay better attention. I got some things conflated and made an idiot out of myself. Thanks for the sanity check.

    2. belmo equipment was not tested they wanted to test but he refused, this decision was made regardless of belmo but now i suspect his balls are out of spec because of his reaction

  5. I’ve seen the PGA/USGA has some rather public spats over the years in golf…

    Now it’s nice that the PBA had their ball trucks out there for there members, but what about the guys/gals who are not pros or who are not staffers? They just got left hanging…You get 6 balls..you might be down just a plastic and a urethane…and where are they going to get a ball? Where are they going to get it drilled in time? That is IF they can even get one, or afford one…

  6. NONE of these balls have EVER failed my hardness tests, and I’ve done so on DOZENS of all 6 of these balls.

  7. It seems the USBC has over-reacted to something concerning ball specs. They are testing balls behind black curtains. PBA banned today but not banned tomorrow. What has caused a previously approved ball to become not approved? Why are the balls banned from some events but not others? Have other-than-Storm-made-balls been examined using the same methods? What affect will this banning have on Storm sales?

  8. Good for Tom Clark speaking out and allowing the banned balls for PBA Tournaments and letting the PBA bowlers get their balls drilled for free.

    1. so he wants them to cheat using out of spec equipment, sounds like his boss at storm told him get me a banana so tom went out on a limb…

  9. Looks to me that they need to test each new lot and send findings to USBC or have USBC test each new lot before going out for distribution to pro shops.

    1. or storm needs to manufacture item as it was tested not change it after approval as in the spectre case

  10. I honestly feel like they trying to sabotage bowlers who fell in love with the balls they banned. They want to get rid of the good balls

  11. Seems logical that the PBA wouldn’t have any data that USBC certified balls would fail field tests…. the PBA doesn’t test balls, the USBC does. And the USBC doesn’t know that a certified ball will fail a field test, until certified balls are out in the wild being field tested. If the balls were legal at the time they were certified, and illegal at the time of field testing, that speaks to the poor materials or quality of the ball construction. The fact that the USBC is catching these balls now, is the entire point of field testing balls… to catch gear that doesn’t maintain the required standards both in the initial certification process, and in the wild.

  12. I’ve already given thoughts about USBC and PBA, the Allison/Mushtare fiasco, and is Belmo bowling or not. As far as the PBA’s position on THIS isolated situation, I can see why the decision they made was made; just KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). However, they MAY make a CHANGE about this as far as NEXT year and BEYOND goes in the PBA. Stay tuned (that is, IF you CARE to). 😉

  13. People affected in the tournament should band together and formally protest the USBC, maybe even file a lawsuit, rules stated that balls needed to comply with USBC specifications at the start of the tournament, which at that point they did, all of a sudden some black curtain shenanigans happen and they ban 6 balls mid tournament, that’s not fair for competitors who traveled from all over the country under the assumption that they were bringing balls that were legal at the time. Timing is ridiculous, my friend flew in from Hawaii with 3 balls and was left with a spare ball bowled the late shift and had no time to get replacements for the next morning since a lot of people were scrambling. should have taken affect after the tournament, because you can even flip the script and say that those who don’t have those ball could protest and say that people who used those balls the first day should be disqualified or have to bowl a new set. USBC was quick to change the tourney rules on the website, questionable

  14. Am I the only who thinks the USBC, rather than holding ball companies feet to fire and punishing bowlers, they should be holding Bowling Center Managers more accountable. Lane conditions, house shots, and some centers “bad” oiling habits are complained about way more than anybody’s equipment…..

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