Parallax Effect by Storm | Full review uncut

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14 Comments on “Parallax Effect by Storm | Full review uncut”

  1. Man I didn’t know on the other side of Waterford lanes they had different surface lanes, they look very different compared to the rest of the house.

  2. What a weird piece, it’s like it loves both extremes and doesn’t want to compromise in the middle lol

  3. Idk what’s causing the high pitched squeal while in the shop (maybe dirty power) but I love the videos so please keep them coming!

  4. I bowl at a place with the same lane surface and i struggle with pearls/hybrids there for the same exact reason in the video. I can only get surface balls to act consistently on synthetic like this. Still, this ball looks pretty good in my opinion.

  5. JR you say this picks up quicker than the dynamic swing or dynamic swing Pearl…..I’m assuming you taking bout the pearl!!

  6. Love your videos first and foremost, but this one seemed to me like you were forcing yourself to love this ball reaction. Noted it is a good ball. Not all balls will look good and maybe this was one of them. Probably a good sport pattern, but house pattern not so much. Again love your videos and your honesty keep up the good work

    1. I think I’m excited to try it on the other surface more than anything on the other side of the house

  7. This is a shiny ball that needs oil. The original Parallax needed a little surface. This one does not.

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