One on One With Maria Jose Rodriguez!!

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Whats going on my youtube Fam?!? Had the opportunity to sit down and interview the ONE AND ONLY Maria Jose Rodriguez! We are giving away one of her jerseys! All you have to do is find the answer to the question in the video! Maria is one of the absolute best bowlers in the world and was a huge honor to interview her! There's no doubt in my mind she will win a lot on the PWBA tour!! Subscribe to my channel to see more videos like these!!!
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42 Comments on “One on One With Maria Jose Rodriguez!!”

  1. Love these interviews! Kinda makes me wish I had staffer skills. Thanks for doing these!

    7 is the number you’re looking for!

  2. Maria Jose Rodriguez participated in 7 World Championships. This year would have been 8, but they postponed until Oct 2021. 🙁

  3. Spotted cow! Haha that’s amazing. I just recently went to Wisconsin and had spotted cow for the first time.

  4. I miss Maria Jose Rodriguez & Nathan Bohr. They practiced at the center I worked before we had to shut down permanently because of the beerbug. They are good people.

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