One MILLION Lifetime Views On YouTube! Storm Hy-Road Gold Ball Review! Everything Is Better In GOLD!

Todays video is more of a celebration than an actual ball review! I just reached my first million views here on YouTube and I am so incredibly proud of that! For that I want to say THANK YOU all!!

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14 Comments on “One MILLION Lifetime Views On YouTube! Storm Hy-Road Gold Ball Review! Everything Is Better In GOLD!”

    1. They’ll be in the same realm but I will say that this hyroad gold is def stronger because of the Nano in the cover. On higher friction this thing is a beast. When I shot this there was zero bounce to the right lol

  1. I have the same one and its great. 3000 Grit Surface makes it a little stronger and even smoother. Give it a try:)

  2. Looks like you made an adjustment with your form! Nice! Now nobody has a chance. 😀 Congrats on the one million views!

  3. I like these videos. If you’ve got the time, don’t hesitate to show us cool overseas stuff. Hyroads with non-R2S covers are always interesting.

  4. Any Hy-Road is the right road to success. Storm should never stop making them. Hy-Road Pearl my current go-to ball for league and early tournament blocks.

  5. Congrats on your one million views, well deserved! I think this ball was the answer to your mystery ball on the short video !

  6. Congrats on the million views! You should do a video comparing the same bowling balls at two different centers to demonstrate the difference lane surface and wear can make. The patterns won’t match perfectly but it’ll still be walled house shots. Would be interesting to see it in the same video. Part one at South Point and part two at Sam’s Town, maybe with one being a big solid asym and one shiny symmetrical to really show the parity. Keep up the good work!

  7. Great video! Is it just me or is your rev-rate a bit lower since you started tucking the finger? (Not that it’s a bad thing)
    Also, fav hyroad is the Hy-Road X. Though I love stronger balls, I’m not a fan of the strong-covered hyroads like the Max and the Nano. The X was the perfect soup of everything on high-friction envirnoments.

  8. Congrats my guy! I love your reviews and think they hold a lot of weight in the real world bc you show every shot. Good or bad. Keep on keeping on fella! ✌️❤️😁

  9. The only bad part about the Hyroad, is that it’s a 2-peice ball, so it’s specs are really only good if you throw the 15 or 16lb versions of the ball. That 2 piece core really makes the 14lb version of the ball lackluster. The combination of the High RG & High Diff really give the ball it’s trademark reaction. In 14lb the Hyroad has the specs of just another middle of the road budget ball.

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