One Game Match Vs The Homie Ryan! Gotta Give Him That WORK!

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Today is match number 11 of can you beat Luis and we are bowling a one game match vs Ryan! Y'all remember him from last seasons league livestream!

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43 Comments on “One Game Match Vs The Homie Ryan! Gotta Give Him That WORK!”

  1. Lanes looked pretty tough today! Either way, it’s always fun to watch these matches. I got my dad to start watching your channel (AND made sure he subscribed!) and he has really enjoyed it. Between you and Luke, I finally convinced him to change the surface on one the balls in his arsenal, and it’s gone from a dust-collector to a regularly used part of his arsenal.
    Great content as always, Luis!

  2. Great spare ryan also love to see how much this channel has grown and how much your game has improved luis

  3. Love the channel, homie. I watch every video as soon as they come out. My wife and I are about to finish up our very first league and we’re currently sitting in first place, but definitely don’t look the part. If we are lucky enough to score one, I think it would give us a little more credibility. Keep on rockin’!

  4. Could there be a Phase 5 vs IQ Ruby comparison in the pipe work? I think it would be interesting to compare them, I believe the same cover stocks, but different cores and colours

  5. Was this Livestreamed??

    I want to give Ryan that work in August, I’ll NEVER forget he owes me a pop socket

    I’ll pick up my jersey when I get there 😏

  6. You can’t come for the king, unless…. you’re Krysta. Haha

    I’m never letting that one go, Luis. 😁

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