oh, that #cheater carry. #2hands #twohanded #twohandedbowling #bowling #lanesidereviews #teamlsr

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We hear them, too.

Those who would rather break you down than build themselves up.

Those who would rather make fun then make better.

Let them talk. We're not going anywhere.

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8 Comments on “oh, that #cheater carry. #2hands #twohanded #twohandedbowling #bowling #lanesidereviews #teamlsr”

  1. Rhino? And if you can use it let me know the drilling lol I have drilled mine 3 times always over under

    1. I have a Rhino drilled at 5.5″x2 up PAL… or 5×2 2LS if you prefer that system. Very long and smooth. Keep that second number low to slow down and make the back end more consistent.

    2. This one is drilled short pin, more hook (I believe it’s 2 1/4″ x 5 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ up PAL)

  2. Me being a one hander is hard enough trying to be consistent but 2 handing my respect to the 2 handers that is a lot harder then one handing

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