Nuclear Forge | Ball Motion Video

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WARNING, this new Nuclear Forge is highly reactive! Witness the revolution of bowling dominance as the fiery glow of the Nuclear Forge takes over the lanes. Creating a fusion of the proven Detonator core with new Propulsion HVP coverstock, the Nuclear Forge provides length through the front of the lane with electrifying backend motion. Brace yourself for the arrival of a ball so explosive, it redefines what’s possible.

In this video, Nick Pahr compares the new Nuclear Forge from MOTIV Bowling to the Iron Forge, Sky Raptor, and Primal Shock.

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3 Comments on “Nuclear Forge | Ball Motion Video”

    1. So much stronger on the backend than the Ember. It reads better in the oil and is quicker response than the Flash. The Flash was too clean through the front and sometimes could push through the break point. Our cover technology has come a long way since the Jackal Flash!

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