NU Blue Hammer “Not Urethane” | Release Video

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Hammer is excited to introduce a revolutionary ball – actually a game-changer for bowlers seeking alternatives to traditional urethane ball reaction. With recent changes to PBA rules regarding traditional urethane, Hammer took on the challenge of producing a ball that would mimic the performance attributes of the famous Purple Pearl Urethane Hammer without using urethane… and we nailed it!

The NU Blue Hammer is “not urethane” but delivers a urethane ball motion. It is versatile, smooth, consistent, and predictable, making it ideal for challenging lane conditions. Bowlers will experience all the advantages of a reactive ball that can be used in any competition while benefiting from the classic Purple Pearl Urethane ball motion that has dominated the lanes for years.

The NU Blue Hammer is available starting 11.16.2023!

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26 Comments on “NU Blue Hammer “Not Urethane” | Release Video”

  1. Hottttt dayum!!! I’m gonna have to save up for this one. I just got the 2.0 hybrid and this seems even more promising!

    1. not really.. the Pink Widow and Purple Pearl Widow are a different shape altogether because of the core. I’m wondering if this is will be similar to the Rubicon UC3. If so, then I’m worried, and would be a pass. The color is what is saving me, as it reminds me of the Fab Blue.

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