Nova vs Proton PhysiX vs Dark Code

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✔️0:28 Pin Up vs Pin Down
✔️1:55 Nova vs Proton PhysiX
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35 Comments on “Nova vs Proton PhysiX vs Dark Code”

    1. Yeah because they’re going to re-pour a 5 year old ball to compare against something new, knowing full well the customers cannot readily get a lock. Straight stupid

    2. @ARandomCommenter they probably have a few laying around the warehouse. Not addressed in your pithy comment was that the OP said ‘preten physix’

    3. Remind me again the last time storm made a video comparing a new release to one that is six years old? I’ll be waiting

    1. @Braylen_300 no he means incite to the Nova. Spectre does not have the same core as the incite.🤦 One is symetrical and one is asymmetrical. Not to mention Spectre and incite are not even in the same universe when it comes to ball motion.

    2. I am one of the rare few that LOVED my incite. If it didn’t look like hamburger meat and didn’t smell like a monkeys backend, it would have been a ridiculously popular ball. That being said, I threw the Nova at a matchmaker and I think they are different enough for a tournament bowler to have both. For a league bowler on a house shot, I’m not sure it’d make sense to have both. Depending on how you throw the ball and conditions you bowl on, will determine which would look better. The R4S cover on incite is quite a bit stronger than the R2X on Nova. While the ignition core in the Nova is a couple steps stronger than the Tensor in the incite. The incite is much earlier rolling and not able to get up the hill from steeper angles. Could justify having both but if bowling ths, the two will appear more similar than they really are.

    3. @Matt Thanks! I also loved the incite, will have to keep an eye out for how much the nova is thrown out on tour

  1. Not sure why people ask about pin up vs pin down and surface changes on a particular ball. It does the same thing on just about any ball. Transitions slower vs quicker, and surface just moves the reaction earlier.

    1. @Ying Zheng Chua um have you thrown either one of those balls?! I have both and would not classify either as “low hooking.” Especially the camo. That ball hooks as much as higher end equipment.

    2. The answer is IQ tour solid. That and the mix are probably the only balls I’d consider “low hooking,” in the storm catalog. If you want relatively less hook than other balls something like a camo may fit the bill. However, I can swing the entire lane with the camo on a house shot. Ball is stupid good… Definitely wouldn’t define it as “low hooking.”

    3. @Matt i do own a hustle camo (and it is indeed comparable to the likes of the phaze 2 and zen-which i compared it to) but the whole point of this is (at least for me) is to recommend something that does not only fit the requirements (weaker core and cover-although the VTC solid does seem to be quite strong), but also works well anywhere

      At least for me the hustle camo works in almost every part of the lane, which is what made me recommend it in the first place

      Plus at an entry level price, you really cant go wrong with the likes of the hustle camo

      Since he mentioned storm the only thing i could think of at that moment that was close to the camo was the electrify solid

      And there you get my thought process

      My man here is trying to find a *good* low hooking ball, and in my opinion, although the hustle camo may not be the lowest hooking ball out there, it definitely is nothing short of great

    1. I mean anything is possible but why would you want that. Assuming you are wanting a urethane mixed with solid and pearl. Since that is why “hybrid” means traditionally. Tour-thane on the UC3 is technically “hybrid” since it is pearl and urethane mixed. So there you have it, a urethane hybrid cover stock. Go get a UC3. I’m not a staffer and get nothing out of saying this but it’s a god ball.

  2. This is a great video I actually got to see a rep who had a nova the other night and ask about the nova which was really great too but more information is always better

  3. Two thumbs up! Awesome video that gets a lot of info across in not much time. Keep making more like this! The illustrations like this of where stuff fits in the product line relative to existing pieces does a ton to bring more context to a new release, since ball motion management is basically all relative anyways. Keep it up!

  4. Please keep this style of review video for your new releases! By far the most informative and entertaining of any review videos Storm has put out.

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