Nova | 8 Ways

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All shots performed on Kegel's 41' Beaten Path.

Coverstock: R2X Hybrid Reactive
Weight Block: Ignition Core
Finish: 3000-grit Abralon
Color: Hot Pink/Lime/Jet Black
Fragrance: Cherry Apple Slush

✔️0:00 Intro
✔️0:09 Kelly
✔️0:51 Kendle
✔️1:20 Hank
✔️1:48 Chad
✔️2:16 Matt
✔️2:43 Chayton
✔️3:07 Steve
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21 Comments on “Nova | 8 Ways”

    1. Looks way dustier and way slower than any of those. More like Reality, UFO and zen master to me. Could be wrong

  1. Chad has the best release in Storm history.

    Oh and finally a ball that looks like it can be used on THS. I’m adding this to my wishlist!

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