No Step Drill | BEST Drill To Stay Up The Back Of The Bowling Ball! No Step Drill Tutorial

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The no step drill is the drill that I used MOST often when I really went after it to try and fix my ball roll! I went from completely coming around the ball to much more behind it with the help of this drill!

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12 Comments on “No Step Drill | BEST Drill To Stay Up The Back Of The Bowling Ball! No Step Drill Tutorial”

  1. Do you have any drills for consistency as far as hitting your mark? That’s the one thing I have been struggling with a lot

  2. Hell yeah man. I need to be doing this more. I always thought you have to put the twist. Thanks for the great info!

  3. Yea buddy. Teaching others is the way to do it. Show everyone the correct way to help their game improve. Rounding the ball sucks, I see it a lot!

  4. I noticed that on the last throw you turned your wrist a little at the end of your throw that’s why it curved a little down the alley. I understand to not do this when practicing this exercise. I get it. Just pointing this out. I’m just starting out and these videos help. Thank You.

  5. Any drill to improve raising the ball track would be great! It seems with my Storm Mix spare ball that the track is quite high. If I go to the IQ Tour solid, the track appears to be at least 2″ away from my fingers. I’d like to get it higher and avoid throwing a spinner…

  6. I used to do this a lot. Very good tutorial. It will certainly help me when I return to get back into the swing of things 👍

  7. Your timing on this video could not have been better, Lou! In two weeks I begin the bowling portion of my left shoulder rehab and foul line drills are first on my list to fix pour release muscle memory. I will definitely be using these drills to rebuild my release and arm swing. Thx!

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