39 Comments on “NO ONE Is Guessing This One! Name That Bowling Ball #Shorts #guess #Bowling”

  1. Really that’s wrong? Well it’s either urethane or plastic but I don’t think you made your hand come around it enough for plastic to hook like that, so my next guess is the black hammer

  2. I mean it’s nearly impossible because we don’t know what shot is out, but for the sake of throwing out a guess, I’d say maybe a Hot Cell. I’d be disappointed if it were something in the current lineup, that’s no fun…

  3. I know I need one ,because as slow as your throwing and the 5 boards or so it’s moving I could leave the rest of my balls at home

  4. I’m also going to say Astro physix because I never see you throw that ball on your channel or I could be wrong

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