NO MORE POLISH FOR STORM?!? 4K Fast Is The New Out Of Box Finish! Zen 1500 Polish vs 4K Fast!

Storm put out a video which I will link below stating they will no longer be doing the factory 1500 Grit Polish finish anymore on their bowling balls! This is a HUGE deal because they have been doing it for years! Instead welcome to the world of 4K Fast! In this video I will go over what 4K Fast is and why they are doing it! I am comparing two brand new 900 Global Zens, One with the old 1500 Grit Plush finish and one with the all new 4K Fast Finish! What will be the differences?! Stick around and find out with me!

Storms 4K Fast explanation:

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23 Comments on “NO MORE POLISH FOR STORM?!? 4K Fast Is The New Out Of Box Finish! Zen 1500 Polish vs 4K Fast!”

  1. Luis already knows my reaction about this. I took a 2000 pad to my Zen after his suggestion. “Now Zen ball Good”. Storm not doing the 1500 polish anymore? Wow!!

  2. Can’t wait to see this video from you I know this real be really good video and it will help verybody out

  3. Question- for a new ball with the polish finish (got last week), would you recommend using a small amount Storm Reacta Scuff to take polish off, or would that be too aggressive?

  4. Luis, can you get your hands on a Phaze 2 that has been poured since the USBC incident? I’ve heard rumblings about newly poured equipment(off the PBA truck) not rolling the same as before the whole debacle.

  5. Based on what I see from the shots thrown…the major difference is how they move through the mid lane. The polished is noticeably faster and retains quite a bit more energy. Just gotta make the small adjustment with the 4k.

  6. I am stoked about the move away from polish. For new bowlers, it’s a lot less confusing. And for people trying to get the ball back to factory finish without a spinner, it’s a lot more doable now… And a lot less messy. Polish is a pain to work with.

  7. 4K Fast looks good, definitely seems like it digs earlier for sure. I’m with you, I love the look of polish but I enjoy the performance from putting a little surface on it. Do you think Trucut pads would be able to get all the polish off say if I went 3000 and then 4000 (P5000D by hand) or would I have to go all the way to the beginning with 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, P5000D. Great video, thanks Luis!

  8. I know you like the more continuous balls, Luis. However, it seems like you make angular work more than you probably care to admit. You made that 1500 polish look better than the 4k, in my opinion.

    For me, I do like the more angular motion down the lanes. But I have a couple of continuous balls for when the lanes require one. Otherwise, I’m generally throwing either urethane that I bowl straight with or an angular.

  9. Wonder if Storm’s replacement balls they will send me will have 4k fast on it! They are sending me an X2 and a Dark Code so I’m curious to see what finish I get

  10. That’s kind of great news, it’s way easier to go from box to 3000 or 2000 or if I want to use my 5000 pad. I don’t have to remove the polish from the pours of the ball.
    Or I can polish it on my own.

  11. What’s up Louis? I’d like to get my hands on another Zen. How do we know when to start purchasing the balls with 4K?

  12. Planning on purchasing a Zen and a Phase 2 this summer for next years league. Do you think it’s still a good 2 ball combo with the 4K fast vs the 1500 polish?

  13. Hey Luis, so I already have a Zen, but I don’t have a Solid Symmetrical ball. So with the Zen bot having polish do I still need a Solid Symmetrical ball? I was thinking about getting a Phaze 2 what do you think? Thanks!

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