Night Road | 6 Ways

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All shots performed on a 41' typical house pattern.

Find out more about the Night Road here:

✔️0:00 Chayton
✔️0:25 Steve
✔️0:51 Matt
✔️1:13 Hank
✔️1:40 Blair
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27 Comments on “Night Road | 6 Ways”

  1. This ball DOESNT even have to win on SUNDAY!!! This thing is Sold out already I’m buying one!!!! =D

  2. U guys (STORM💪) really are showing off. I’m slightly obsessed with bowling, thus hours of observation I’ve spent. This video is the cleanest and most pure I have witnessed. verily I say unto u. Great work. sltiwiasf!

  3. This shall be my step down from my IQ tour solid. only it won’t be nearly as smooth off the spot. little more push and a bit more pop.

  4. Looks smooth…would love to know the rev rates of ll those throwing the ball. It would help me to see the difference in response time. Just suggesting. Love the videos and the first look at the ball. My Hy-Road Nano is my favorite go to ball besides the best ever Phase II

  5. chayton i have a question, I see in many of these videos use a the 2ls 4x4x4 as a fellow no thumb bowler with a very hight rev rate around 550 i have been enjoying and promiting the 2ls layout curently my go to on the 2la layout is the 1 (51/2 x 5 x2) and another is the 2 (2x6x5) ,and one ball drilled an uc3 i believe with the number3 layout 5x4x3. Other than the 2ls layout chart itself with its six options i really have no idea how to figure from that chart what type of reaction your 4x4x4 layout is compared to any of those on the chart. So i was wondering how the 4x4x4 layout would compare to layouts 1,2,and 3 on the 2la chart because it looks great, thank you for the great content and thanks for any help.

    1. I like 4x4x4 because it isn’t too clean, and doesn’t transition too fast. Some of the other longer pin to pap longer pin to COG layouts get too twitchy for me. They sometimes get too far down lane and sometimes transition too fast. For Reactive 4x4x4 is my sweet spot. More round and continuous. The 2x6x5 I use on something like gem when I want to play straighter on patterns with more friction where urethane may not look the greatest.

  6. This ball in every way looks awesome. I like the two handed perspective even lofting the ball its quite angular and just turns right back

  7. This looks like a PHENOMENAL ball and looks like it would pair well with the dark code due to both cores of the dark code and the night road being fairly smooth and mid rolling and both having the R2X cover formula but the night road would have a little bit less board coverage so for those who like their dark code (Every human in existence) this ball looks like a perfect compliment ball

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