New Purple Hammer vs Original Purple Hammer, Same Lanes, Same Layout.. Same Ball Motion? BowlerX

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13 Comments on “New Purple Hammer vs Original Purple Hammer, Same Lanes, Same Layout.. Same Ball Motion? BowlerX”

  1. I don’t have the purple ball. I have the blue ball. The blue U2 Pearl from back in the day. I definitely can not cover near the boards the purple does. The U2 pearl does have a core but it’s taller with a higher RG. I hit it with 360 too. Don’t really know if I’ll need the purple. But great review as always sir.

  2. Can you review the phase 2 again? There’s hardly any good videos out of it since it’s so old but age is just a number. Please

    1. Not a bad idea. Conditions changed a lot since its release. Luke Rosdahl has some newer reviews on it and would be nice if JRR did some too.

    2. @Igor Lopes ikr nothing can compare to a Jr Raymond review lol. I just ordered my first phase 2 surprisingly and was very surprised that it had no in depth reviews on it.

  3. Thanks for the review but at first you said the New one was cleaner then later said the Old one was cleaner ?

  4. JR, Test both balls with a Durometer, I think you will be ‘very surprised’ and it will explain why the original hooked more and better.
    I measured my own Old Purple Hammer and got a reading that put my eyebrows very high on my head!

  5. Me as a speed dominat bower who mostly bowls THS I tend to throw it through the break too often. Would a purple hammer or an original axiom be a better fit?

  6. JR do you wipe down your urethane balls after every shot? The way you said “let’s get some oil on it first”
    it made me assume you don’t even bother wiping off your urethane balls when I’ve told by quite a few others
    including some pros that you should ALWAYS wipe off your ball after EVERY shot especially if it’s a urethane.

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